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The mission of the Compliance Division of the Business Enterprise Program is to ensure compliance in the State’s procurement process regarding various aspects of diversity contracting. The Compliance Division oversees the contract goal-setting process, Utilization Plan reviews, monitoring of BEP certified subcontractor utilization, as well as, provides required reporting and assistance to all agencies, institutions of higher education, and community colleges.

Goal Setting

The State has an aspirational goal to spend at least 30% of its total dollars with firms certified through BEP. The State's Procuring Institutions determine the goal for each contract based on the availability of BEP certified vendors against the overall availability of vendors within certain market sectors. The goal for each particular contract must be “narrowly tailored” to the State’s needs, to reflect the industry or product markets needed to perform the contract. The goal must be based on the availability of BEP-certified firms that can perform a commercially useful function through direct participation within the scope(s) of work of the contract.


Utilization Plan

A Utilization Plan is included in all bids or proposals and demonstrates a vendor’s proposed utilization of vendors certified by the Business Enterprise Program to meet the targeted goal. The Utilization Plan shall demonstrate that the Vendor has either: (1) met the entire contract goal or (2) requested a full or partial waiver and made Good Faith Efforts towards meeting the goal.


Compliance Monitoring

BEP subcontracting data is maintained through the Diversity Contract Monitoring System (DCMS) and accessible to all prime contractors and BEP subcontractors.

New prime contractors and subcontractors must register and use DCMS for Contract Compliance Reporting. Learn how to fully utilize DCMS with a live trainer by clicking on the link below. Then, scroll down to the “System Training” section, click “See Online Training Times”.  Select "View" next to "Contract Compliance Reporting - Vendor Training" and click "RSVP for Training" to attend.

Diversity Contract Monitoring System (DCMS)

Filing a Vendor Complaint

If you are aware of any irregular or inappropriate activity pertaining to the actions of the Commission on Equity and Inclusion or the Business Enterprise Program, complete the following Vendor Complaint Form and a BEP representative will be in contact with you regarding your complaint

Procuring State Institution Requirements

Additional Compliance Resources