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About the Commission

The Commission on Equity and Inclusion (CEI) was created through the passage of 30 ILCS 574/40-10. CEI was created to expand access to state contracts for minorities, women, persons with disabilities, and veterans and assist the state in enhancing the equity and inclusion throughout its workforce. CEI’s reach into state hiring and contracting is expansive and encompasses the involvement of several state agencies and commissions. CEI will focus on the following nine pillars:

  1. The Commission shall have a role in all State and university procurement by facilitating and streamlining communications between the Business Enterprise Council for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities (BEP Council), the purchasing entities, the Chief Procurement Officers, and others.
  2. The Commission will create a scoring evaluation for State agency directors, public university presidents and chancellors, and public community college presidents that shall be based on the following three principles: (i) increasing capacity; (ii) growing revenue; and (iii) enhancing credentials.
  3. The Commission shall exercise the authority and duties provided to it under the Illinois Procurement Code 30 ILCS 500/5-7.
  4. The Commission, working with State agencies, shall provide support for diversity in State hiring.
  5. The Commission shall oversee the implementation of diversity training of the State workforce
  6. Each January, and as otherwise may be deemed necessary and appropriate by the Commission, the Commission shall propose and submit to the Governor and the General Assembly legislative changes to increase inclusion and diversity in State government.
  7. The Commission shall have oversight over the following entities:
    1. The Illinois African-American Family Commission;
    2. The Illinois African-American Fair Contracting Commission
    3. The Asian American Family Commission;
    4. The Business Enterprise Council for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities.
    5. The Illinois Latino Family Commission
    6. The Illinois Muslim American Advisory Council
  8. CEI shall adopt any rules necessary for the implementation and administration of the requirements of the Commission on Equity and Inclusion Act.
  9. The Commission will promote and encourage the continued economic development of small businesses owned and controlled by qualified veterans and qualified service-disabled veterans pursuant to the Illinois Procurement Code 30 ILCS 500/45-57.

Our Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

We are dedicated to creating an equitable and inclusive space for everyone wanting to do business with the State of Illinois. At CEI, equity and inclusion are an integral part of who we are and stand for.

We believe that our businesses and workforce should reflect the vast diversity of communities this great State serves, and that diverse voices should be elevated and integrated into our daily work. We embrace diversity of identity, experiences, thoughts, and actively strive for inclusivity. 

Commissioners & Staff