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Legislative References & Resources

Statutes/Rules/Laws and Executive Orders related to the Commission on Equity and Inclusion


Race and Gender Wage Reports (20 ILCS 405/405-535)

Joint Commission of Administrative Rules (JCAR)

Executive Orders

  • 2016-08 Executive Order to Ensure Equal Opportunity is Provided to All Illinois Business
  • 2018-07 Executive Order to Ensure Representative Contracting in State Procurement

Family Commissions/Councils

  • Illinois African American Family Commission (20 ILCS 3903/10)
  • Illinois African American Fair Contract Commission (E.O. 2018-07)
  • Illinois Asian American Family Commission (20 ILCS 3916)
  • Business Enterprise Council for Minorities, Women, and Persons with Disabilities (30 ILCS 575)
  • Illinois Latino Family Commission (20 ILCS 3983)
  • Illinois Muslim American Advisory Council (20 ILCS 5110)